Monday, September 3, 2012

Urban Meyer

Christmas comes, Christmas goes, and surprises usually are like that too. But in 2009, that does not seem to apply.

Urban Meyer. That name conjures up a lot memories. Urban is a very interesting person to me because well, he has coached my two favorite teams and one that I kind of like now. Before Urban started head coaching he was an assistant at many schools. Two of the most important in his career though, are Colorado State University and the University of Notre Dame. Those are both imporant to me because, first for CSU, I have family connections there (my dad got his master's there and my brother is a freshman there right now) and I live in Fort Collins (that's where CSU is located) and have proudly been a ram fan my whole life. Back in the 1990s, Urban Meyer was a receivers coach for the Rams under Coach Earle Bruce and Coach Sonny Lubick. Meyer even credits Lubick for saving his coaching career. After CSU, Meyer turned his sights on bigger and better things and went to coach the receivers at the University of Notre Dame. Notre Dame is near and dear to my heart not only because I am Roman Catholic, but because I want to go to Notre Dame when I go to college in a few years. Then, to add another Meyer connection, when he led the Utah Utes to a 12-0 record in the 05-06 season, a classmate of mine had just moved from Salt Lake and was (I'm guessing still is) a huge Ute fan. After all those connections to Urban, how could he not be one of my favorite people in football?
A few weeks ago, I received an issue of Sports Illustrated with an article on Urban and all he has done for college football since he has become a head coach. It was a great article and even gave a little bit of information on Urban Meyer that I hadn't had before. It also told me of a health conditions that Meyer was suffering from because of football, and that he had just ignored it in his career. So I knew that something was wrong with Coach Meyer, but I never expected what would happen on December 26, 2009.

On the 26th, I went on Facebook, and the status of one of my camp counselors from this past summer (2009) said "no more urban meyer." I had no idea what he was talking about so obviously I headed straight for And there right on top, it said "Urban Meyer to leave Florida for health reasons." I couldn't believe it. Urban Meyer, winner of two national championships this decade, two time AP Coach of the Year, the reason Tim Tebow came back for his senior year, not coaching college football? What is going on? Then I kept watching SportsCenter and reading articles and I learned that Coach Meyer has a stress related heart issue that resulted in him going to the hospital after the SEC Championship Game. I had no idea it was that bad. It caught me totally off guard that someone like Urban Meyer could have health problems that bad when he is only in his mid- forties.
Then the next day, Sunday the 27th, I heard some good news. Coach Meyer would only be taking a leave of absence until this whole matter is taken care of.

Do I think that was a good decision? Yes, I do. I think that Coach Meyer taking just the leave of absence is good for recruiting purposes and it is good for the program in general. It says to the recruits that committed to Florida to play for Meyer that he will be there, if not this season, the next. It is good for the program because Coach Meyer will be back and the Gators will still be good.
To Urban Meyer, I say, take all the time that you need and get this taken care of. College football will be waiting for you when you return. Get well soon and thanks for the post-Christmas surprise. It makes this time of the year even more exciting.

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