Monday, September 3, 2012

Trip to Northwestern

So as I explained in my last post, I'm currently looking at colleges to see where I want to end up after my senior year. Luckily, since my mom has had a lot of business stuff to do this month, I have been able to go and look at two of my top 4 colleges. I already saw TCU, and this week I am at Nothwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. I actually haven't been able to check out the campus yet because well, I just got here. My mom had some work to do in Indianapolis (home of the hated-at least in my mind-Peyton Manning) and so I flew there and met up with her. We went straight from the airport and headed on our way to Evanston. Now, I've been to Indiana before, but only once, back in September. I came with my friend, Anthony Frucci, and his parents to go to the Notre Dame vs. Stanford game. We're all huge ND fans, GO IRISH! It was a fun trip, even though Stanford won. But the reason I mention that is because of the one food item we (Frucci and I) wanted the whole time we were here. It is something both of us had never had before, but thanks to Harold and Kumar, had been wanting for a while. That would be White Castle. Ever since we saw one on the way up to South Bend (and I have pictures of everything that I saw except White Castle on my facebook: we sorta beeged to go and try out what we had heard to be awesome burgers (or sliders, to be more correct in the culinary sense). Finally, on our last day, on the way back to the airport, we stopped and tasted the goodness that is White Castle. I think I had 10 or 11 burgers and I think Frucci had 13. So of course being back in Indiana, I wanted to find a White Castle and have another go at it. We stopped at one in Lafayette, Indiana (Home of my physics teacher, Mike Steinle's alma mater, Purdue [sucks]) and had another go at it. I only had 8, but I wanted more. My mom wanted to get to Northwestern, so we went. It turned out to be a good idea that we started driving. The roads weren't that bad until we hit Gary and Chicago. But before that it was really cool because we went through this gigantic wind farm that just went on for miles! It was awesome! But once we hit Gary, Indiana, not only did it start pouring on us, but we got lost, basically because I-65 ended and we had to go on this side highway (sort-of highway) that took us through Gary. Eventually we got on I-90 and took that through the border. Here's one thing I do not understand. Why, if the toll is $1.50 on the border, is it $3.50 like 4 miles away in the Chicago city limits? Can someone explain that one to me? Because Chicago just robbed me and I'm kind of mad about it. Then we kept going on the "Chicago Skyway" (or something like that, it was still I-90), through the South side of Chicago, past US Cellular Field, until the Garmin told us to get off and then we somehow took a wrong turn, even though we thought we were following what it said perfectly. So we got an accidental tour of some of Chicago, in the pouring rain. Eventually, though, we made it to Evanston and to Northwestern, which is where I am now. I have a tour of the campus and a journalism meeting tomorrow, so be sure, more is to come about this trip.

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