Monday, September 3, 2012

The Prince, the Retainers, and the Evil Cat

Once upon a time in a land far, far away, a young, ambitious lad, named Prince Jeff, was celebrating having his braces off for a month.
            “Oh, Mother, I am so glad that you had me put through braces! My teeth are so straight and my smile had never been better!” said Jeff as he beamed a huge smile.
            “I am so glad that you are happy son! Now, you just need to keep track of those clear, plastic retainers that Dr. Ebert gave you so that your teeth stay straight and you smile amazing,” said Jeff’s Mother, the Queen of the kingdom. 
            “Don’t you worry Mother, every day I will put them in places that I will remember where they are.”
            And that was his plan. It had worked for the month that Prince Jeff had had his retainers and his teeth had stayed straight. He had kept the retainers in their case most days, especially during the two weeks that Prince Jeff was away from home at his favorite place in the world, Camp Timberline. Little did the Prince know, but his nemesis was coming to his kingdom when he returned from Camp.
            Jeff’s nemesis was Oliver the Evil Cat, who looks much like Sylvester the Cat, of Looney Tunes fame. Jeff and Oliver had fought many battles before and most every time Jeff had emerged victorious and Oliver had become Jeff’s prisoner. Oliver, angry over his past failures, hatched a plan.
            “I see that Jeff has gotten his braces off. I need a way to destroy his new smile. In that way I will emerge victorious and Jeff will never take me as his prisoner ever again. The only question is how will I ever accomplish this?”
            It was then that the Evil Cat saw Jeff’s new retainers.
            “Aha! I know how I will do it! I will take Jeff’s retainers while he is at training one morning!”  
            Prince Jeff woke up one morning, not long after that first month without braces had come and gone. Jeff went to his magic mirror and had it tell him what his friends were up to, what was happening the sporting world, and if he had received any mail over the night. After hearing that, Jeff took out his retainers and placed them next to the magic mirror. Prince Jeff looked at his training schedule and became very excited! He was scheduled for offensive training! That meant sword fighting!
            “I must hurry and get to training, it is my favorite part today! And I can finally train without having to worry about my braces getting messed up!” exclaimed Prince Jeff. With that, he got dressed and hurried off to sword training.  
            Oliver had been waiting outside of Jeff’s castle, waiting for his chance to get into the castle and find the Prince’s retainers so that his evil mission could be complete. When the Evil Cat saw the prince ride his majestic horse clad in golden armor out of the castle and to training, he snuck in and started to run around in search of the Prince’s retainers. Oliver soon found the Prince’s magic mirror and saw his prize.
            “Yes! I have found Prince Jeff’s retainers! Now I can take them and destroy them in the volcano!” said Oliver. Oliver then took the retainers, went to the volcano and threw them into the lava.
            “AHH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” cackled the Evil Cat, “I have beaten Prince Jeff! Now his smile can never be straight again! I will never be taken prisoner again!”
            Later that night, Prince Jeff went looking for his retainers. He looked next to his magic mirror, in his secret room beneath the castle, in his bedroom, his bathroom, in the royal family gathering place, in the kitchen, and everywhere else in the castle. He alerted the Queen of what had transpired with his retainers.
            “Prince Jeff, I thought I had told you to always keep track of your retainers,” scolded the Queen.
            “But Mother, I put them right next to my magic mirror! I cannot imagine what could have happened to them,” pleaded the Prince. After thinking of what could have happened, the Prince came up with only one possibility.
            “My nemesis, Oliver the Evil Cat, must have snuck into the castle and stolen my retainers and threw them in the volcano. I must capture him and make him my prisoner once more,” said the Prince.
            Jeff tracked down Oliver and engaged him in battle. Jeff used many of the techniques that he had learned in that offensive training in his fight against the Evil Cat. Eventually, Jeff pinned Oliver down.
            “How dare you take my retainers and throw them in the volcano! I will lose my smile now!” yelled the Prince.
            “That was exactly my plan, Prince Jeff. Now you will never have an awesome smile or straight teeth ever again!” hissed the Evil Cat.
            “At least you will be my prisoner now, you evil cat.” Prince Jeff then arrested the cat and took him to his jail cell.
            Soon afterwards, Prince Jeff was visited by his fairy godmother, Dr. Ebert.
            “What is wrong, Prince Jeff?” Asked Dr. Ebert, who could see the prince was upset.
            “Dr. Ebert, Oliver the Evil Cat took my new retainers and threw them into the volcano! I will never have straight teeth ever again!” said the Prince.
            “Do not worry, Prince Jeff! My team and I can make you a new retainer and your teeth can stay straight!” declared Dr. Ebert.
            “HORRAY! I can still have straight teeth and this awesome smile! Thank you so much Dr. Ebert!” said the Prince very happily. Dr. Ebert had once last thing that the Prince had to promise to before he got his new retainers.
            “I need you to promise that your retainers will be in your face or in your case, Prince Jeff.”
            “I promise to do that from now on Dr. Ebert; my retainers will always be either in my face or in my case.”
            And Prince Jeff got his retainers and lived happily ever after, and with straight teeth!

The End

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