Monday, September 3, 2012

2012 Article

The movie “2012” shows a world engulfed by eruptions of super volcanoes, massive earthquakes, whole cities falling into the ocean, and worldwide tsunamis. While this all may have been fake and made for the enjoyment of movie-goers everywhere, expect this (and more) to happen in the next twelve months.
   For years I’ve researched the 2012 apocalypse theory, the Mayan calendar, and watched all those “Nostradamus Effect” shows on the History Channel. After reading and hearing the evidence, I have concluded that the world IS going to end December 21, 2012 at 11:11 PM. And not only am I sure that the world will end, as predicted; I am pretty sure how it will happen.
   The end of the world is going to begin a mere 660 miles from this beloved high school. The Yellowstone Caldera is due to erupt at any time, and when it does the apocalypse will begin. Yellowstone, which has not erupted in 70,000 years, causes 1,000-3,000 earthquakes to occur each year as a signal that it is ready to blow its top once again. That eruption will take out most of the United States.
   The other two known super volcanoes, Toba Lake, in Indonesia, and Taupo, in New Zealand, will also erupt and take out Australia, large amounts of Oceania, and South East Asia. The combined rock, smoke, and ash thrown into the air will cause perpetual darkness worldwide and will trap much heat in the atmosphere that will begin the final melting of the polar ice caps, raising sea levels enough to take out the rest of Oceania and any other random islands out in the ocean.
   After the super volcanoes, worldwide massive earthquakes will be the next part of the apocalypse to happen. Many of these earthquakes will occur underwater and cause tsunamis the likes of which mankind has never seen before.  These tsunamis will take out Japan, eastern Russia, the Koreas, India, and large chunks of Africa, Europe, and the Americas. 
   The final blow will be dealt at universal time, 11:11 PM on December 21 when the comet 433 eros, which will be knocked out of orbit with Mars on January 31 and begin a 16,608,000 mile journey to our planet. The 6.69 quadrillion kilogram comet will crash into Africa and takes out any remaining life on Earth.
   And since all of this is about to begin, I’m stocking up.  I’m getting my family together and logging onto and reserving my spot in their Nebraska apocalypse shelter. I’m also stocking up on my favorite foods, video games, movies, and whatever else I will need to survive this apocalypse. I hope my fellow students will heed my word and join me. 

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