Monday, September 3, 2012

Colorado State University Tour

Ok, well, this happened about a month ago, but I feel that I should still report on it. In early May, I went and took the tour at the university here in my hometown, Fort Collins, CO. That university is Colorado State University. 
I went into the tour not expecting much, but came out with a much different perspective. I went on a school day, which meant that I was in a pretty small group, only about 10-12 people at the max. It was very enjoyable. After getting out of school and racing home to meet up with my friend, MacKenzie Brown (a former Ram swimmer and, obviously, CSU alum), and then racing back over to the campus, where we couldn't find parking, which is never possible on a college campus, we still arrived late to the info session, but whatever, we still made it. I missed a lot of the video they show at the beginning of each info session, but what I did see was pretty well done. There was a quick q&a with an admissions rep, but I didn't have any questions since I'm from Fort Collins and have a sibling at CSU (my brother, Alex, is going to be a junior at CSU next fall). Before I knew it, I was on my tour. Our tour guide, a senior economics (or sometihing like that, it was a month ago) major, who was honestly, one of the best tour guides I have had in this college search process. He took us absolutely everywhere and made this tour, the absolute BEST tour I have been on at any college. I have said this to many people since, I only wish I was more interested in CSU. This tour took us through the Oval, which is the oldest part of campus and a favorite hangout spot for students (and President Obama came and spoke there during his campaign in 2008), then past some academic buildings, through the Lory Student Center, the Rec Center, past the Lagoon, to a typical dorm, showed where the medical center is, where Moby Arena (the Rams basketball and volleyball arena) is, where the library is, and showed us a ton of classrooms. When it comes to college tours, one can't get much better than CSU. After finishing the tour, my friend MacKenzie and I went and got some stuff at the Bookstore and then we headed back home and I went to my choir concert that I had that night. (I didn't have time to meet with anyone in the journalism department at CSU, but I plan to in the near future) 
Now, back to my comment from earlier. I said (and have said to many people) "I only wish I was more interested in CSU." I'm not saying that I am not interested in CSU as where I end up next August, I just want to get out of Fort Collins more than I want to go to CSU. Since I have lived in Fort Collins for 12 years (and 13 after next year), I really just feel as if I need to go somewhere out of state for my college experience. I would recommend CSU to anyone else though. The athletics are on the rise, Boise State just joined the MWC, and the academics are great! And the town is freaking amazing! Fort Collins is an awesome college town (and Pizza Casbah, which is right across the street from CSU on Laurel, was just featured on Outrageous Food on the Food Network!). 

CSU Ratings: 
Info Session: 7.0 / 10.0 
Tour: 9.5 / 10.0 
Staff Meeting: N/A 
Total: 8.25 / 10.00

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