Monday, September 3, 2012

College Search Update

Alright, so I haven't posted on here since June, so here's an update on my college process and life in general.

First- College.

Since June I have started five applications. Four for colleges I have talked about since I started this account and surprise (although, if you know anything about my past, it really isn't a surprise).


Although Mizzou was not my original #1 when I started my college search about two years ago it sure is now. When I started my application process back in August, Missouri was probably the second application that I opened (only because I knew that the next college that I will talk about's application was open at midnight the morning of August 1). When I went to fill out the application, I found it very easy and I loved it because I did not encounter one of those dreaded essays. I have not finished the scholarship application, but hopefully I don't enconuter one there either. I turned in Mizzou's application and I cannot wait to hear if I get in (once I finish that scholarship app and send my transcripts that is)! M-I-Z! (For more about Mizzou, read my post about my trip there below)


TCU has been up at the top of my list ever since I took a trip there all the way back in February. They were the absolute first application that I opened because I love this school. Everything about this school is amazing and more people should consider TCU when going through this experience. I also found TCU's application very easy. It was a bit longer than Mizzou's, but still very easy. The only thing that I have not done is write their essay, but I will do that soon, because all I have to do is choose from one of four prompts that they provide and send in the application and my transcripts. I have just procrastinated a ton with this whole essay thing because, well, honestly, the phrase "college essay" sparks some fear in my mind. It freaks me out, even though I am a pretty good writer (or I've been told that I am), because this one 500-or-less word essay could decide whether I get into a school or not. I don't know if anyone else feels the same way, but it's the absolute hardest part of the whole application process, in my opinion. But, I'll probably sit down sometime this week or this weekend and just pump it out and finish the application. Then I'll send in my transcripts, and if TCU has a scholarship application, fill that out. (For more about TCU, see my post about my trip there below)


Here's the school that started out at #1 back when I started this process. To be honest, Oregon really piqued my interest because of the recent success of the Duck football program and the fact that their Men's A Capella choir, On the Rocks (an absolutely amazing group, just look them up on YouTube) was on the show, The Sing-Off, last year. Being both a football fanatic and an avid music freak (just ask my mother, as a little kid, the first thing I wanted to be when I grew up was a singer), this really put Oregon at the forefront of my mind when it came to college and choosing where I want to go. (College Gameday has also sparked a ton of intrest in them for me because Eugene seems like an awesome football atmosphere and the fans seem as passionate as any fans out there) When it comes to the application, I was really surprised when I opened Oregon's. It is easily the longest application I have seen. Their checklist is 20 items long. I know I'll be able to finish it but, I mean 20 items?! That's freaking insane! Their essay is also one of the essays that scares me even more than TCU's. Oregon (and my next school) are those schools that make it so that you can write about whatever you want. WHATEVER YOU WANT in the whole entire world. It could be anything that you've seen, heard, done, felt, tasted or whatever else there is to write about. For these I cannot even fathom what to write about. (If anyone wants to give some inspiation and tell me what they wrote about for thier college essay in the comments, that would be awesome) As with TCU's, it's only like 500 words, but it's 500 words that could decide whether or not I get into the school and recieve any scholarships. But once I decide what I decide to write about I'll finish U of O's app (their scholarship stuff is within the 20 item checklist), do their Honors College app (cuz I'm smart apparently [who knew?]) and send in those transcripts and wait to see if I get in! (For more on Oregon, see my post about my trip there below)

CSU, I'm really only applying to because my mom has a policy (and she had it for my brother, who is a junior marketing major at CSU, and my sister, who graduated from the University of San Francisco in May 2009 with a nursing degree and moving to NYC later this month because she got a job at a hospital there!) that I have to apply to one in-state school as a fallback if everying else fails. CSU's application is also done except for my letter of recommendation (I just have to turn in this sheet my counselor gave me to the teacher I am having write it) and write that essay. CSU is another one of those "Write whatever you want" schools. As soon as I decide what to write about for that CSU's app will pretty much be done. (To be fair to CSU, it is a GREAT school. Anyone who is considering going there, don't let my words discourage you, I've just lived in FoCo for 16 out of the 18 years of my life, so I just need to get out of here) But as soon as the application is done, just need to do the same as any other school (scholarship app [if there], transcripts, yada yada yada, For more on CSU see my post about my tour there below). And now, here comes the surprise!


"ASU?!?!?!?! Where the hell did they come from? This kid has had Kansas as his #4 since like day one! What happened to the Jayhawks?" That might be someone's reaction to this post after reading everything else I have posted on this blog. Well, I decided to forsake KU after talking to a good friend of mine, Mizzou sophomore journalism major, Will Heckman-Mark (whose exact words when I talked to him about applying to ASU instead of KU were "Fuck KU. Make it ASU." That kid freaking rules!) and realizing that Phoenix (where ASU's journalism school is) and Tempe are actually right next to each other. I thought Tempe was closer to Tucson, where U of A is. This along with the fact that I used to live in Scottsdale, AZ, my first football game that I remember was an Arizona Cardinals game back when Jake "The Snake" Plummer was their QB, they still had the old uniforms, and they played in Sun Devil Stadium, and that some of my friends from back when I was in preschool are going there put ASU over the top and I applied there. ASU has the world's easiest application. I finished it in 10 minutes or less. My only complaint is that the world's easiest application cost $65! That's freaking insane!!! The harder applications (Mizzou, UofO, TCU, or probably every other school in the country) all cost less than that. BRING YOUR PRICE DOWN ASU! I paid it, but I don't want anyone else to. Now all I have to do, since I have my ASURite ID is fill out the scholarship app, turn in the transcripts, and all that other jazz. (For more on ASU, go to

Well, that's my college update, now onto my life.

I started my senior year at Fort Collins HS on August 22. It's been a blast so far. I have become the sports editor for my school newspaper, Spilled Ink, and learning the ins-and-outs of putting a newspaper together has been so much fun. Our website is not up yet, but as soon as it is, I'll post the link to it here. Our football team (of which I am a member, playing both on the offensive and defensive sides of the ball) is 3-2 (1-0 in confrence), with our wins coming against Loveland HS (37-7), Grand Jucntion Central HS (31-13), and Mountain Range HS (21-20). Our losses have been against Douglas County HS (39-38, OT) and Colorado 5A #2 Grandview HS (51-21), and this game should have been a lot closer, but our third quarter was abismal (3 INTS and an 11 yard punt). This week we play cross-town rival Poudre HS and our game will be televised statewide on Root Sports which is ch. 26 on Comcast. It's the channel that all the Rockies games are broadcasted on, if anyone was still not sure what it is. Also, I just turned 18 on Friday, September 30 and I am really happy now that I am considered an adult in all facets of life! That's pretty much it for my life.

If you lasted this long congrats! I glad that you actually care enough to read my whole post. I'll keep you people updated on my college search as it reaches the finish line!

Please comment below and let me know what you think! (In English please, not Russian)


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