Monday, September 3, 2012

2010 Conference Shake-up

I wrote this a while ago, but I just got this account, so I am posting this along with a few other columns that I wrote some time ago. 

Who would have seen all this coming when the Big Ten announced that they were going to expand their conference late last year? The Big 12 on the verge of dissolving, the Pac-10, of all conferences, becoming the mega conference, and even the Mountain West expanding? This is a crazy time for college sports, especially the biggest revenue gaining sport, football.
Even with the all the changes happening every day, there still are some questions that remain. Many changes have happened since news broke a few weeks ago that the Big Ten (or eleven) unofficially invited three universities, Nebraska, Missouri, and Notre Dame, to join their conference. Ever since that day, the chacellors of the universities in the Big 12 have freaked out and have basically spelled doom for their conference. That's why when the first move happened, I wasn't very surprised. When Colorado decided to jump to the Pac-10 I felt little to no emotion because I knew it was going to happen. CU was one of the first schools that was talked about when it came to schools jumping ship for a new conference. And today, according to many people, the Big 12's death sentence was officially written. Because according to the Associated Press, Nebraska has accepted an invitation to join the Big Ten. As I have watched ESPN over the last couple of weeks to learn more about this conference expansion mumbo jumbo I heard that some people were saying that if Nebraska leaves the the Big 12 is dead. Well then, so long Big 12. It's been a good run. But now, what happens to the other 10 schools left in the conference?
When it comes to that, I agree with the experts. This all depends on Texas. Whatever the Longhorns decide to do will decide the fate of most of the schools currently in the Big 12 South. I don't agree with the experts, though, on where the Longhorns should go. Although all the experts say Texas should go the Pac-10, I think that they should go to the SEC. In the SEC the Longhorns would have better opponents and they wouldn't have to travel as far for most of their away games, but it seems like Texas, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, and Oklahoma State are going to follow CU to the Pac-10 as early as next Tuesday and other schools In the Big 12 are even considering the SEC. So it looks like the Pac-10 will become the Pac-16 or at least something close to that. News also broke today that Boise State accepted an invitation to join the Mountain West Conference in July 2011. As we now know, change is coming and coming fast to the college sports world.
But even with all the confirmations of changes happening in the NCAA, some questions are still out there. Like what will happen to one of the most prolific basketball teams in the country, Kansas, it's main rival, Kansas State, and in-conference rivals (at least for now) Iowa State, Baylor, and Missouri? Will Mizzou join The Cornhuskers in the Big Ten? Or will they go, as Boise State did, to the Mountain West, or will they come together and invite some other teams to join their own start-up conference? I don't know but I think that they should find an already established conference an join them. It is best for the viability of their athletic programs. But I just say for now, let the chips fall as they may and after everything has clamed down, then make your decisions on where to go. All I can say for now to all the schools with their athletic futures in question is good luck, I'm sure whatever happens will make college athletics more exciting and will keep us interested for years to come. And to all the schools that have made their decisions, congrats, good luck and it will be great to see you in your new conferences (especially Boise State) in 2011.

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