Monday, September 3, 2012

KLYD TV article

   Get ready students! KLYD TV, the informational program that broadcasts every Monday, Tuesday, and Friday at the beginning of third period is undergoing a total format show for the 2012 spring semester.
   “We have re-organized the entire show this semester, and are trying to create a much more structured, regular, news-based type of show,” KLYD staff member Jordyn Seimens, junior, said. “We’ll have regular anchors, along with features of sub-categories covering the arts, athletics, student life, and much more.”
   This change is a return to what KLYD program has been in years past. It will be a typical news broadcast, with anchors behind a desk, and reporters either in-studio or in the field covering the sub-categories.
So far this news is being well received by students.
   “I like that (KLYD’s switch) a lot,” senior Sarah Duff said. “I think the show will actually be worthwhile.” 
   Even though a re-organization of the show is being made, that in no way means the staff did not enjoy KLYD last semester.
   “It’s cool when you produce something that you’re proud of,” KLYD staff member Gabe Brull, senior, said. “Doing KLYD has really made me appreciate the things I see on TV. Even the commercials and stuff take so much damn time to make, I’m sure. So much thought goes into every shot and cut.”
   Seimens also has a great deal of pride for the show.
   “I love KLYD,” she said. “Sure, there’s stress, but it feels good to have the creative control to create an episode that you’re proud of. Plus, there’s a rush when your episode airs and you don’t know how everyone is going to react to it.”
   The change of format is being made for one main reason.
   “The hope is that it will build more variety into each episode and that they'll be able to cover more material each week,” KLYD producer and staff sponsor Jason Tyler said.  
The KLYD staff is also very open to hearing student opinions on the show, its content, and the new format.
   “We really do try our best and we love to hear constructive criticism,” Seimens said. “Students are welcome to email us and give some of their ideas and visions.” 
   To get in touch with KLYD TV email Tyler at, and if you want to submit news to the show visit the FCHS website and fill out a KLYD TV Announcement Request form, which can be found under the “Students” tab. 

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