Monday, September 3, 2012

University of Oregon Trip: Part I

So, here I am again in another state other than my home state about to go on another college tour. Might as well tell all of the people who actually read this about what has happened. I am calling this Part I because I haven't gone on my tour yet. That happens later today. And by the way, Happy Earth Day and Good Friday! This is a very special time of the year that people should cherish and definitely go to church if they are able to. Also, if possible, rest and do nothing from noon-3 PM today because well, it's a tradition in my church, and I would love to see it spread around to other churches. (another btw: that is the time from when Jesus was put up on the cross almost 2000 years ago to when he died) But back to the original reason for this post. This time, I am in Oregon. My mom and I flew out around 10 PM (Mountain time) to Portland, where we landed around 11:50 PM (Pacific Time). We then spent the first night getting our luggage, rental car, and going to the hotel, where we got to out room and promptly crashed. It was a long day and being able to sleep in the next day was amazing. We left Portland around noon to head down to where we were really headed. We took the two hour drive down to Eugene, Oregon to check out the University of Oregon. The drive from Portland to Eugene was actually pretty peaceful and relaxing. Other than the random town that would pop up from time to time outside my window, it was pretty much just farmland and forests. It was pretty cool. When we did finally reach Eugene, we drove around the campus and and basically got a feel of it, more of which I will get today. We found the EMU, Hayward Field (where the track and field team hosts their home meets), some fraternities and sororities, and basically every other important building on Campus. After we drove around for awhile, we decided to stop and get some lunch. While looking for the frats and sororities, we found this small place called Pegasus Pizza. Damn, was that good pizza. I had a create you own pizza (on which I got pepperoini and sausage) and it was freaking amazing! The pizza was greasy, but who really cares when it tastes as good as that pizza did. As with Mizzou and Shakespeare's Pizza, if UofO is where I end up for college, I will be a regular at Pegasus. After that we went and found Autzen Stadium (and PK Park, which to my surprise was right behind Autzen) and I took some pictures which I will post later. Then we went and found our hotel and relaxed for awhile. After relaxing, we went to dinner at a place called Steelhead Brewing Co. in downtown Eugene. That was another amazing place. I had the grilled roast beef and swiss cheese sandwhich and it was amazing. One of the best sandwhiches that I have ever had. The horseradish in the the sandwhich gave it a pleasant kick which I enjoyed. Well, that's basically my trip so far, I'll be back later with my review of my day on the UofO campus.

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