Thursday, October 18, 2012

Boise State's Blackout Uniforms

   I was browsing Bleacher Report, which is quickly becoming my favorite sports website, on Monday during my seven-hour plane delay when I came across something extremely interesting. Boise State, the school famous for busting the BCS and having the blue "smurf turf" had announced that they will be wearing brand new "black out" uniforms for their homecoming game against UNLV on Saturday.
   I, like Uni Watch blogger Paul Lukas, am very interested in uniforms, especially when it comes to college football. It seems that these days, thanks in large part to the University of Oregon and their love affair with Nike, that NCAA Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) teams have become the center of uniform innovation. And as we saw with Air Force two weeks ago and BYU last week, this is a very awesome thing, especially for black outs.

  I have loved seeing all the new uniforms come out over the past few years, especially when Arizona State came out with their new uniforms last year and Oregon every week, and black-out uniforms are my absolute favorite. For some reason it seems that uniform companies are at their best when it comes to black uniforms. Their seems to be more innovations in these than any uniform that involves a schools actual colors. Take, for example, Arizona State.
ASU's maroon uniforms. Photo:
Sun Devil RB Cameron Marshall wearing the "Maroon Monsoon uniform against USC in 2011. Photo:

ASU's maroon jersey with the maroon helmet and gold pants.  Photo:
Arizona State's All-white uniform. Photo:

ASU employs two main, basic jerseys, two helmets and three pairs of pants. The Sun Devils wear a maroon jersey at home that is straight forward maroon and gold (A, B, and D), ASU's two primary colors. They look pretty sweet especially with the "ASU" and the shoulders and the stripes right above it. They also have a white jersey that they wear when the team travels (C). This is usually worn with the white helmet and white pants, but also may be worn with the maroon or gold pants (maroon more often than gold). This is also very basic with the same general design, but the numbers, instead of being plain gold are maroon with a gold outline. The shoulders, while the same design as the maroon jersey, is maroon instead of gold. The pants and helmets are basically interchangeable and can be seen in all of pictures. ASU (well, Nike) got more creative when it came to the black jerseys.  

Arizona State's Blackout Uniforms. Photo:
   While the same design is used, it is in the number where the creativity is shown. The number changes color as it starts gold at the top and fades to white in the middle. They also have a matte black helmet with the new pitchfork logo, which is awesome. They are wearing these uniforms against Oregon on Thursday on ESPN, so tune in and watch what will be an amazing game! 

But, now back to the original point of this post. On Monday, Boise State released some absolutely sick uniforms for their homecoming game against UNLV. See them below. 

Boise State's Blackout Uniforms that will be worn this Saturday against UNLV. Photo:
   In this uniform set, Boise has taken many of the awesome uniform elements that they have introduced in the past few years and used some of the best elements of Nike's best designs over the past few years and combined them into one awesome, black, super jersey. My favorite element of this uniform is the helmet, because I have loved the giant bronco on the side of the helmet ever since Boise introduced it a few years ago against Georgia. It is something that is uniquely Boise's and it makes any uniform that they wear it with pop. I also love the black facemask. It makes the whole helmet more fierce. I also live the numbers on the uniform. As with ASU's, they start with the school's color and the top and fade to a silvery-white. I can't tell if it is silver or white, but we will find out in a few days. I also love how the numbers are outlined in orange. It just looks, well, for lack of a better term, badass. Boise State has one of the best blues in the nation and they utilize the perfect amount of it in the uniform. The gloves, which I hope have a bronco on the palms, look awesome in Boise blue. And did I mention that I love the black? It will amazing in contrast to Boise's famous "smurf-turf."

   I cannot wait to see these uniforms in action on Saturday. I know that they will look awesome, much like pretty much all of Nike's uniforms, and I cannot wait to see what Nike comes up with next and for which team it is for. They clearly lead the pack when it comes to uniform innovation and other companies like Under Armour need to take notice. Now, if only the MWC would let Boise wear the blue uniforms again.....

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