Saturday, October 6, 2012

Air Force's Uniforms 10/6/12

Over the course of the past few years, we, as fans, have seen many innovations in the world of college football uniforms. We all know Oregon, who, thanks to the donations of alum and Nike owner, Phil Knight, never wears the same uniform combination twice in a season and is at the forefront of uniform innovation with their chrome helmets and flashy jerseys. 
Every year there are random games throughout the season where one or both of the teams playing are wearing brand new, flashy uniforms. This year, there has been a multitude of those games, including Michigan vs. Alabama, Nebraska vs. Wisconsin, and tonight, Notre Dame vs. Miami (don't even get me started about Notre Dame's helmet tonight. I don't know who designed that, but I want to meet him so I can punch him in the face.) 
Today, when I woke up, I turned on CBS to see that Air Force, whose stadium I highly recommend taking a trip to, was playing Navy in Colorado Springs. I kept watching because: 1. I am from Colorado and I love any football in Colorado, and 2. Air Force is wearing some awesome looking new uniforms. 
These are being called Air Force's "Stealth" uniforms, and I completely agree with that. First, let's start with the helmet. The helmet has a silver base with what a black stripe down the middle and AFA's signature blue lightning bolt on either side. The helmet is also decorated with what looks like black triangles, but are actually pictures of the B-2 Spirit stealth bomber. I love these helmets. They relate back to what AFA all about and they look sick. The jerseys are black with blue numbers and a silver and black patch on the shoulders that reminds me somewhat of Oregon's old jersey that had the nail pattern on the shoulders. (Picture courtesy of 

Oregon's "nail" uniforms

The jersey also features the words "F-22 Raptor" and "B-2 Spirit" on the back where a name would typically be featured. I love when the service academies forsake names to put something like this on the back. It shows where the players come from and their first commitment is to protecting our country and then football. The pants are black with the shoulder pattern down the side. At the top a short, blue stripe interrupts the pattern, but still looks amazing. 
I love seeing all these new uniforms and I cannot wait to see what surprises are left in the uniform world this college football season. (See the full jersey below, courtesy of 

AFA's new uniforms
AFA's "Stealth" uniforms

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